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 Mobile banking is a product that enables members to access loans, cash withdrawal, cash deposit through the platform and MPESA.

How to use M-SACCO


One must be registered by filling in the M-SACCO application forms available on the downloads tab and attaching a copy of Identity Card (ID). Registration applies to M-Pesa registered Safaricom lines only.


Once registered, you will receive an SMS from M-SACCO containing a four-digit number known as Start PIN. This PIN MUST be changed for you to access M-SACCO menus.


Dial *346# to change the Start PIN and enter a new PIN (4-digit number). Many members tend to forget their M-SACCO PIN; we advise that you use your M-Pesa PIN so that you don’t forget easily.


After changing the PIN, you will receive an SMS informing you that you have successfully changed your M-SACCO PIN. You can proceed with transacting by dialing *346#.



This option is NOT available on the M-SACCO menu when you dial *346#. However, it can be accessed through M-Pesa menu Pay bill option. After accessing the pay bill, you can proceed to enter 528700 as the UN SACCO business number followed by your FOSA account number. You will receive a confirmation message.



1. This mobile banking application shall be accepted only after authentication of the Member through any mode of verification as may be prescribed by the UN DT SACCO.
2. The service shall be provided on USSD and mobile application (app) platforms.
3. The Member, by making a request for transaction from his/her mobile phone/ gadget through the mobile
platform irrevocably and unconditionally authorizes UN DT SACCO to access all his/her accounts linked with mobile banking services for end-to-end effecting of the transaction and share the information regarding the transaction with the service provider.
4. The mobile banking service may, without any prior notice, be terminated or suspended by UN DT SACCO for any reason whatsoever including and without limitation to invalid data, closure or
suspension of related accounts, breakdown, maintenance, modification, expansion and/or
enhancement. UN DT SACCO will not assume any liability or responsibility for any such suspension or termination.
5. The Member shall be solely responsible for accuracy and authenticity of the request made by him/her for transaction and hence should take sufficient care when making a request.
6. If the Member suspects there is an error with the information provided, s/he should inform UN DT SACCO as soon as possible. The society shall endeavor to correct the errors, if any. However, UN DT SACCO shall not be liable for any inadvertent error which may result from the provision of incorrect information.
7. The Member is solely responsible for protecting his/her PIN and mobile gadget. All requests emanating from the member’s phone/ gadget authenticated with the correct PIN will be treated as genuine and UN DT SACCO will not be held liable for any violation whatsoever
8. UN DT SACCO shall endeavor to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of Member’s accounts to the best of its ability and in line with the Data Protection policy UN DT SACCO however shall not be liable if the Member’s account is compromised on account of breach of secrecy, denial of service or on account of hacking/other technological failure.
9. Where the Member applies for a loan from UN DT SACCO, the same will be appraised accordingly and in line with UN DT SACCO’s internal evaluation parameters. UN DT SACCO reserves the right at its sole discretion and without assigning any reason to approve or decline the application for the loan without giving reasons for the approval/decline.
10. The Member shall make all payments due to the UN DT SACCO, including repaying loans within the contracted time, and any other payments in respect to using mobile banking system.
11. In the event The Member doesn’t repay the loan in full within the stated period after disbursement, the SACCO will impose a penalty for default as per the product features. The SACCO will also take relevant recovery measures including but not limited to recovery from the Deposits Account.
12. The SACCO may deny/ suspend or limit service to a member in instances of suspicion of fraud, violation, change of gadget or any other suspicious reason with no reference to the member whatsoever. In such instances the SACCO will work with the members to ensure the security of the service before H/she is allowed to access the service again.