Share Capital

UN DT SACCO is fully owned by our members. Members buy Share Capital on joining. Shares are also traded between members. Share Capital makes members ultimate decision makers for the UN DT SACCO and entitles every shareholder to DIVIDENDS

UN DT SACCO is fully owned by members. This is through the SHARE CAPITAL. This means the owners of the SACCO are also the clients of the SACCO. Just like any business venture, the profit (in our case SURPLUS) made each year is paid out to the owners (members). This is called Dividends. This is usually dependent on the SACCO’s performance. The UN DT SACCO is one of the best performing SACCO’s in Kenya and we have been giving consistently good Dividends to our members averaging 13% p.a.  Being owners of the SACCO, members are the ultimate decision-making body of the SACCO. Having members own the SACCO ensures each member makes the best decisions for the SACCO as they have a stake in the SACCO’s performance.  Each member is expected to own a minimum of 500 shares each at KES 100. Hence the lowest Share Capital a member owns is worth at least Ksh 50,000. After joining, a member can raise the Share Capital gradually.   We know our members would love to see the SACCO benefit more and more members just as they benefit. We know this because they approved the SACCO By-laws that ensure the SACCO’s continuity. In the By-laws, members approved that the Share Capital cannot be liquidated but can be sold between members. This way, we are assured the SACCO will be there tomorrow and for years to come. We have created a marketplace where members can offer to sell their shares as well as create offers to buy shares from other members. Being one of the biggest SACCO in Kenya, our current total Share Capital is more than Ksh 1.023 billion. (USD 8,528,900)  You can buy or sell share capital by clicking the below buttons.