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fixed deposit

The Fixed deposit account is a withdrawable deposit account where depositors can place short term deposits for specified periods of time usually between one to twelve months. The account targets members with large sums of money that they have put aside for investment and they are fairly certain of the period that they can commit the funds.
The account operates as detailed below.

  1. Fixed Deposit Account is suitable for deposits where the customer is fairly certain of the period that he can commit the funds.
  2. Minimum deposit Kshs.50,000
  3. Interest is computed daily and credited at the maturity of the contract period.
  4. Accrued interest is forfeited if a depositor withdraws the funds before the maturity date.
  5. The customer is issued with a Certificate of Deposit upon depositing the money.
  6. The Certificate of Deposit details the amount deposited, date deposited, interest rate applicable, contract period and the maturity date.

Upon maturity the depositor can rollover the principal together with the interest or collect interest and rollover the principal or collect both principal and interest.