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United  Nations Sacco Society (UNSACCO) Limited was started in 1975 with the objective of providing a mechanism for United Nations(UN) employees in Kenya to save and borrow at low cost in order to meet the employees' socio-economic needs. The UNSACCO membership has grown from 131 members in 1975 to 5,120 in 2015. In the same period, members' deposits have grown From Ksh 290,000 to Kshs 7.78 billion in 2015 while the share capital is at Ksh 614.38 million. The operations of the Sacco were initially done in one roomed office in Block G (UN complex) but the business is currently run in the UNSACCO block and Gigiri Square offices. The Sacco staff has also grown both in numbers and professional experience. The membership of the UNSACCO is open to all local and international staff of UN agencies, International staff on diplomatic missions in Kenya,  staff of UN affiliated international organizations, UNSACCO staff and spouses and children of principal UNSACCO members.
The Sacco has obtained high level of achievements over the years besides developing her members and the growth experienced. The UN sacco was among the first 7 to be registered by SASSRA as a deposit taking sacco. The UN Sacco has received various outstanding awards during the annual Ushirika (Co-operatives) day celebrations.
In 2016 celebrations the Sacco was awarded as:

  1. Highest average savings in the government/ NGO sector
  2. Best managed Sacco in the company/ NGO sector
  3. 2nd best managed Sacco countrywide
  4. 2nd lowest expenditure in company/ Ngo sector

The major milestones UN SACCO include:

  • The Sacco businesses commenced in 1975 under the Chairmanship of Ms. Teresa Muigai. Subsequent Chairpersons are: John Nyaga, Alexander Alusa, Mary Githiomi, Mary Odhiambo, Kimani Macharia, Mr.Dennis Kerina Nyamumbo, Mr. Samuel Olago and currently Geoffrey Omedo.
  • The society has grown from 131 members in 1975 to the current over 5,000 members
  • The society's asset base currently stands at Ksh. 10.1 billion with Member deposits at 7.8 billion, with a loan book of about Ksh. 7.07 billion
  • The current UN Sacco offices were built in 2004 and opened its doors to our members on the 7th December 2004 while the Gigiri Square office was opened in 2016.
  • The website www.unsacco.unon was launched in 2004
  • The FOSA (Front Office Service Activities) started operations in 2006
  • Dividend payout over the years has grown from 6% in early 2000 to 15% in 2009; in 2010 following the commencement of regulations where Sacco's were required to separate Share Capital from Deposits and dividends from interest on deposits respectively, the UN Sacco issued bonus shares to all the members who were in the register as at 31 December 2009. For the last four years from 2010 the dividend payout has been at 20% while the interest on deposits at 13.5% on average.
  • In the Cooperative movement in Kenya, the UN Sacco has been recognized as the 6th largest Sacco in terms of Share Capital and Members Deposits; it was among the pioneer 7 Sacco's which were the first to be registered by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) after fulfilling all the required conditions; SASRA is to the Cooperative movement what the Central Bank is to the Banking industry.
  • There are 12 loan products, some are popular and others are not commonly used; we encourage members to patronize all the products; in the FOSA we have 4 types of accounts.
  • To enable its member access their funds easily the Sacco has subscribed to Cooperative Bank SACCO-LINK, it is a VISA debit card, therefore members can access their accounts from anywhere in the world where there is VISA access
  • The UN Sacco has also subscribed to the M-SACCO; this allows members to access funds through the mobile cash transfer anywhere at any time.

How to Become a Member
For one to qualify to become a member of the UNSACCO, you need to fill in a membership application form, pay a membership fee of Kshs. 1,000 raise share capital minimum of Kshs. 50,000 and make monthly deposits contributions of not less than Kshs. 2,300 per month.
How it is managed
The affairs of the UNSACCO are directed by the Board of Directors (BOD). The Supervisory Committee (SC) provides oversight of the society activities. Both the BOD and SC reports to the AGM (Annual General Meeting). The BOD operates through specialized sub committees responsible for various society activities. Both the BOD and Supervisory committee members are elected at the AGM. The day to day operations is carried out by the Sacco staff under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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Loan Information

In addition to our wide range of financial products and services, UNSACCO provides loans services to its customers. The information.

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